What Is Corrosion Protection?

What Is Corrosion Protection?

Corrosion protection in the automotive body shop or paintless dent repair world refers to the various measures taken to prevent or minimize the damaging effects of corrosion on a vehicle’s body and components.

Automotive corrosion can occur due to exposure to moisture, salt, chemicals, and other environmental factors, and can lead to rust, weakening of the metal, and ultimately, structural failure.

Corrosion protection measures in the automotive body shop world typically include:

  1. Surface preparation: Properly preparing the metal surface of the vehicle before painting or applying any coatings is crucial to ensure good adhesion and corrosion resistance. This can include sandblasting, chemical treatments, and other methods to remove rust, old paint, and contaminants.
  2. Paint and coatings: Applying high-quality paint and coatings that are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors can help protect the metal from corrosion. This may include applying a primer, base coat, and clear coat to the vehicle’s body. Read More About Paint Damage
  3. Rust inhibitors: Using rust inhibitors, such as rust converters or rust inhibitors, can help prevent or slow down the corrosion process.
  4. Sealants: Applying sealants to the vehicle’s seams, joints, and other areas where moisture can penetrate can help prevent corrosion from taking hold.
  5. Galvanizing and other treatments: Galvanizing, electroplating, and other treatments can provide a layer of corrosion-resistant material on the metal, further protecting it from environmental damage.

Overall, corrosion protection is an important aspect of automotive repair and maintenance, as it can help extend the life of a vehicle and prevent costly repairs.

Rust Prevention and Paintless Dent Repair

Rust Prevention and Paintless Dent Repair

Rust Prevention and Paintless Dent Repair

Will my dented area rust after paintless dent repairs are performed?

We have been asked this question multiple times from customers of ours. First off, does the damaged area have any paint damage, broken paint, a scratch of some kinda or cracked paint? If the answer is NO to those questions that’s great news! That means your damage is a perfect candidate for Paintless Dent Repair and your damage will not have any paint issues and no rust issues down the road.

What if my damaged area DOES have some paint damage?

One thing to clear up is often damaged areas may have minor paint damage, anything from a smaller light scuff to maybe even cracked or a chip in the paint. Now the dented areas can often still be repaired and smoothed out BUT the paint damage may remain if its severe.

Can you fix my paint damage?

Depending on the severity of the damage, YES. If your paint damage consists of a minor scuff or scrape we will wet sand, buff and polish the area to remove the paint damage. This paint damage will not be noticable at all after our repairs are done and the paint will look as if nothing ever happend.

What if I have a crack, chip or deep scratch in my paint?

We can do things like apply some touch up paint to the paint damaged areas or do some wet standing, buffing and polishing to removed scuffs and scrapes, but if the paint damage can not be removed with buffing. The paint damage WILL remain. Some people are ok with having us do touch up paint, others are not, that is strictly up to you, the customer. Everyone’s needs are different for each repair and we are willing to work with you on your needs. The best way to describe how touch up paint will look after applied is it will look like a black button up shirt WITH  a black button. The button(paint damage) will be visible, you will be able to see it to a certain degree and really looking for it. You yourself, know EXACTLY where it is, others like friends, family members or the general public may not pick out the damage unless it is specifically pointed out. This is the best case scenario, touch up paint is often best suited for solid colors, black and white being the best. Colors with a high metallic paint, pearl colors and specialized colors may not look the best when touch up paint is applied. We would be happy to discuss all of these items, your needs and our personal suggestions for your situation. We have even suggestion people with severe paint damage that we are NOT the best course of action for their damage, we can then happily get you fixed up with a recommended body shop in the area

Want to see what a repair looks like when the paint IS DAMAGED? Here is an example of a repair we did on a vehicle that had a minor crack in the paint prior to our repairs: CLICK HERE

What is corrosion protection?

Often times people do not know that there has to be some kind of protection sprayed onto the backside of there dented area after we repair it. If we have to use any types of dent repair tools we are taking sometimes sharp metal tipped tools and pushing on the backside of the dented area. This pushing can cause small scratches in the coatings on the back side of your damaged area. Now these are very minimal but something needs to be done to protect this area. After a repair is made with dent tools we apply a corrosion protection spray like a 3m Cavity Wax spray. This is a very runny liquid that will run into all of the areas it is sprayed in. This spray stays soft and gooey like honey for instance. This spray will not harden and crack like some other products on the market. Now with glue pulling for example no harm is caused to the backside of the panel because we are gluing glue tabs to the OUTSIDE of the panel and pulling the damage out, no pushing on the dent is done  so there is no need for the application of cavity wax.


Here is a video of us explaining the use of 3M Cavity Wax spray when performing dent repairs.

Hopefully this clears up any questions you may have had about rust and paintless dent repair.

If you are still curious about the paintless dent repair process or maybe you have some more questions on our methods of preventing rusting, feel free to call, text or email us!


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4 Types of Vehicle Hail Damage You Should Know About

4 Types of Vehicle Hail Damage You Should Know About

Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

You may have seen auto hail damage consisting of round dents covering a vehicle’s surface, but that is not the only kind of vehicle hail damage. Hail can come in many forms, and so can its damage. It’s important to be aware of the types of hail damage you can get as well as the best repair option for each type. Being knowledgeable about hail and vehicle hail damage repair can be useful in the long run if you are unlucky enough to be caught in a hailstorm.

There are four main types of hail damage. The two main dent categories of hail damage are cosmetic and severe. Within those categories, damage could either have cracked your paint or left it intact. The type of vehicle hail damage repairs your car needs will be based on the kind of damage it has accumulated.

Cosmetic damage with intact paint

Likely the most common form of hail damage, cosmetic damage with intact paint consist of many small, round dents on your metal panels with no damage to your finish or paint. Cosmetic damage merely impacts the surface of your vehicle but can take away from your car’s appearance and resale value. This kind of damage can be repaired with PDR because there are no paint scratches.

Cosmetic damage with scratched paint

This type of damage also only affects your car’s surface but cannot be repaired with PDR since it contains paint damage. Vehicle hail damage repair for cosmetic damage containing paint scratches could be traditional dent repair or remove and replace.

Severe damage with intact paint

Severe damage affects a car’s external and internal features, which can require more extensive repairs. Dents on the surface of your vehicle can be fixed with PDR because they do not contain paint damage, but any internal repairs will need to be fixed differently.

Severe damage with scratched paint

Because this is the most extreme type of hail damage, it will likely cost the most to fix. Dents with paint scratches cannot be repaired with PDR, so will have to be repaired with another form of dent removal. On top of that, any internal issues must be fixed to ensure your car’s ability to function safely.

Tips For Buying Brandon Hail Damaged Car

Tips For Buying Brandon Hail Damaged Car

When hailstorms strike, some car buyers become interested in buying Brandon hail damaged cars. However, is this really a wise decision? Some experts say that there are some important things that should be considered.

Should You Buy Brandon Hail Damaged Car

If you are looking for a nice discount, then Brandon hail damaged cars can be a great option. However, you should be cautious while inspecting the vehicle. Be sure to get some advice from your automotive technician, insurance agent and lender before making a decision.

Pros And Cons of Buying Brandon Hail Damaged Car

Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons why people buy Brandon hail damaged cars is because of the low price. Consider yourself lucky if you can pick up a vehicle that is only slightly damaged for a fraction of the price. This is because dealerships are out to make a profit. In other words, they are selling damaged cars because they aren’t worth repairing.

Most drivers would believe that the engine and interior part of the vehicle is still in good condition. However, if the damage broke paint or windows there is a possibility of interior, rust, and electric damage.

Buying a Brandon hail damaged car might be appealing, but you should also consider the cost of its repairs. If the damage is extensive, then most probably the cost of the repair might be too expensive. However, if you are willing to drive around in a hail damaged car, then you could be getting a real bargain. Another important thing to consider is the difficulty of obtaining insurance coverage. Most insurance providers will require you get the vehicle repaired before providing any coverage.

What To Look For

If you are buying a Brandon hail damaged car from a dealer, ask your insurer if you can still obtain comprehensive coverage. Inquire from your lender if they can finance a hail damaged car, in case you are buying the vehicle through financing. Check the car thoroughly for any cracks in the glass or paint. Interior damage is your worst nightmare when it comes to buying Brandon hail damaged cars.

6 Reasons To Fix That Dent NOW Instead of Later | Brandon Ding Repair

6 Reasons To Fix That Dent NOW Instead of Later | Brandon Ding Repair

Why Don’t People Repair Their Car?

People put off repairs for many reasons. Cost is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Dent repair can be expensive, especially from body shops. On the flip side, some just “never get around to it.” In other words you’ll get to it eventually rather than right away until you’ve put it off for weeks, months, or even years. Others just don’t see dings as a serious problem, and this is their first big resale mistake years before the thought of selling their car has even entered their mind. If you want to maximize your resale potential then call our Brandon ding repair team today to learn more!

The Worst Case Scenario

Nobody expects a ding. They just sort of happen and now it’s your problem? How is that fair? Dings might not seem like an immediate threat to your vehicle, but over time they can become one of the biggest headaches of your driving experience. In the worst case scenario it could damage your car’s factory paint sealant. This, in turn, leads to rust and corrosion that can then spread throughout your car which comes as a surprise to many drivers. That’s right, rust spreads like a nasty rash to every corner of your car ruining it’s look, value, and inner workings. But bring your car to our Brandon ding repair team for a free estimate before you call it totalled.

Get Your Brandon Ding Repair Now

Everyone prefers action over a ‘do it later’ attitude. But procrastination is one of the most difficult ‘diseases’ to overcome once it’s set in. We’ve all found ourselves in that situation before. We keep saying that we’re doing more important things first but in reality we’re just trying to avoid that one dreaded task. Well here are six reasons why you shouldn’t let that dent sit for more than a minute.

  1. Dents can quickly get out of hand, so the quicker you fix it the better.
  2. Keep your car looking its best all the time.
  3. Nothing works better to improve resale value than a healthy body.
  4. Keep some peace of mind and get just one more thing off your plate.
  5. The repairs may take more time than expected. (Estimates aren’t 100% accurate.)
  6. Why not? Take some time to think about what’s really stopping you.

Procrastinating on your dent repair is never a good idea. A simple ding can quickly turn into a completely new paint job before you know it. If your car has some damage and you need a quick quote then call our Brandon ding repair team today at 605-595-4061 for a free assessment.