Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Falling Snow and Ice Damage!

Storm Damage Dent Removal

The Paintless Dent Repair method can even be used to repair Storm Damage Dent Removal caused from falling snow or ice. This Chevy Silverado Pickup hood we have in our shop today was purchased with this damage on it and the customer had to have it repaired. The Silverado was actually at a local body shop at the time and they decided to contact us to do paintless dent repairs on the hood of this while the truck was in the body shop getting unrelated repairs done to it. The storm damage dents were then removed that day and returned to the truck at the body shop the next morning.


Disconnecting Electrical Components For Repairs


We have another vehicle in the shop for some storm related damage. This 2016 Dodge Durango had some tree limbs fall on it during a thunderstorm. This damage looks similar to hail damage with the multiple round dents but the way the damage is on the panel indicates other than hail and was confirmed by the customer. In order to do the repairs on this Durango we have to remove multiple components. To safely do this and not cause on electrical related damage we have to disconnect the battery to power down the entire vehicle.

To read more about electrical components and why we need to disconnect and computer scan the systems CLICK HERE!

Did you know this Durango has the batteries located below the passenger front seat. Yes that’s right, you read that right, this vehicle has not one but two batteries in it!  The bigger of the batteries is for the main motor components and the smaller batter can be used to power many things typically the smaller electrical components on the vehicle, like inside lighting, radio, ect.


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Diagnostic Computer Scanning

Diagnostic Computer Scanning

Pre and Post Diagnostic Computer Scanning

Have you heard of pre and post diagnostic scanning?

Well today we walk you through the whole entire process around computer scanning and doing paintless dent repair.

Why Is This Necessary?

Diagnostic Scanning is often a required operation when working on today’s modern vehicles. This vehicle we are demonstrating with today is a 2018 Chevy Silverado. This customer purchased this vehicle brand new, it only had 7k miles on it when it came to us to have a dent removed. General Motors, the vehicles manufacture actually REQUIRES a diagnostic scan when disconnecting the battery. They also require it when disconnecting ANY electrical component on this vehicle. This is often a over looked process that many body shops, mechanics and paintless dent repair companies do not do when doing repairs on vehicles.

Here we walk you through the entire process of how this is done and specifically why it is done. We also show you how we go about gaining access to this dent in the left front door near the handle. We had to remove the door panel as well as the door handle assembly in order to make this repair. Once the dent is removed with paintless dent repair we are able to put the vehicle back together. From there we then run a Post diagnostic scan to ensure everything is in working order. We make sure to print off the scan documents and show them to the customer. When we showed this customer that his scans showed a fault code for the radio the said that the battery had gone dead previously. That was why the code was set in the first place.

The customer was happy that we did run a scan and bring this to his attention. A radio code is nothing serious but there are items like mentioned in the video, that can be a bigger issue if a fault code is set. Read more about scanning and other computer related information.

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