Sioux Falls Auto Dent Repair : Say Goodbye To Dents With PDR

Sioux Falls Auto Dent Repair : Say Goodbye To Dents With PDR

Almost all types of dents can be removed by Paintless Dent Removal or PDR. If your vehicle has dents and the paint has not been damaged then Sioux Falls auto dent repair is the best solution. Technicians can use the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technique on aluminum and steel panels. This method is also more affordable compared to the traditional method. You will be amazed at how minor dents can quickly disappear. It seems like it never existed before. The best thing about PDR is you can keep your original paint. Hence, there is no need for color matching!

How is a Dent Removed?

PDR technicians at Sioux Falls auto dent repair can safely restore your vehicle to its original factory condition. Clients are greatly satisfied since their vehicle is still having its original paint and it is less expensive too!

The first thing that the Sioux Falls auto dent repair technician will do is to assess the damage. He will identify the location and the size of the dent. The tech must also determine if the dent can be removed by PDR. Most frequently he will try to gain access at the back side of the dent. Then, he will perform PDR by gently massaging the dent out.

What Kind of Tools Are Used?

Sioux Falls auto dent repair will utilize a special kind of light in order to get a better look at the damage. The technician will then use some highly specialized tools to carefully massage the panel so it can return back to its original position. Actually, it’s all about knowing the shape of the dent. This is why Sioux Falls auto dent repair technicians are using special lights and mirrors so they can get a real good look at the dent.

Just make sure to choose a well-experienced tech so you can guarantee a successful repair. Sioux Falls auto dent repair can come to your home or office to repair your vehicle.