Sioux Falls Body Shop vs Sioux Falls Dent Repair – Which One Should You Choose?

Sioux Falls Body Shop vs Sioux Falls Dent Repair – Which One Should You Choose?

Dents and dings can make your car look ugly. Most likely, this is a result of crowded parking lots and bad weather. Want to get rid of them? If you want your car to look new again, then you have two options. You can either choose a Sioux Falls Body Shop or a dent repair technician. Ultimately, your decision will depend on how extreme the damage is. If the damage is massive and the paint has been damaged then a Sioux Falls Body Shop might be your best option. However, for slight damages such as a door ding, minor dent, or hail damage, the best choice is Paintless Dent Removal.

Why Choose a PDR Company Over Sioux Falls Body Shop

By choosing a PDR company over Sioux Falls Body Shop, you will be able to maintain the original factory paint of your car. There are a lot of excellent body shop painters out there, however, they can never match the high-tech painting process being used at the factory. Paintless dent repair can save you time since dents can be fixed quickly using highly specialized tools. It can also save you money from rentals and material expenses. With PDR, you won’t have to worry about paint mismatch. At the same time, you can preserve the resale value of your vehicle if you are planning to sell or trade your car in the future. Since no paint or harmful chemicals are used, then this process is environmentally safe. PDR is highly recommended by auto manufacturers and insurance companies.

Why Sioux Falls Body Shop Is Less Convenient Than Paintless Dent Repair

Keep in mind that if you bring your car to a body shop, then you’ll have to wait for weeks or more before it can be done. Body repair tends to be more expensive compared to PDR. In traditional repair, the painting has to be redone. This means that there is a risk of paint mismatch which can affect the resale value of your vehicle.

Sioux Falls Body Shop are best fit for major damage that has cracked the paint. For minor dents, you can always rely on PDR. To request for a free estimate, just call 605-595-4061!

Protect Your Paint With A Quick Alternative to Sioux Falls Body Shops.

Protect Your Paint With A Quick Alternative to Sioux Falls Body Shops.

Paintless dent repair is your premier substitute for overpriced Sioux Falls body shop rates. Sometimes dents are just unavoidable. Careless drivers nick doors and ding bumpers all the time. It’s infuriating but getting frustrated won’t solve anything. Instead, take a deep breath and a step back to assess the situation. If the paint is still intact then PDR can fix the damage without ruining the factory fresh quality of your car. Visits to the body shop used to be a sure thing but now with so many paintless methods available your vehicle can be fixed at a fraction of the cost with a portion of the time.

Your Paint is Important

Modern paint jobs play a very important role in protecting the long term value of your car. It’s likely a small impact won’t leave you penniless. In fact, paintless dent repair can save you a fortune compared to unreasonable Sioux Falls body shop methods. Paintless dent repair works by gently massaging both steel and aluminum panels back into place. This service is preferred by insurance firms for its success rate and safety.

Much Faster Than Sioux Falls Body Shops

Paintless dent repair is much faster than competing Sioux Falls body shop techniques and can be completed in mere minutes under the right circumstances. This means mobile techs can fix your car from your own driveway. In certain instances you can do it yourself however, we’ve already made our opinion on DIY clear. If you are confident in your abilities as a PDR technician then go for it, but under any other circumstances seek out a professional.

Affordable Rates You Can’t Ignore

Adversely body shop repairs are more thorough than PDR. This may sound better but why leave your car in the shop longer than it needs to be? Sioux Falls body shops spend a lot of resources repainting, sanding, and filling the dent. All of these steps are unnecessary if the dent can simply be pushed or pulled out. Additionally, you will ultimately be spending more on the extra service and materials that weren’t needed. For a faster more affordable alternative to minor collision damage call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 for your free estimate!