Diagnostic Scanning and Dent Repair

Diagnostic Scanning and Dent Repair

Diagnostic Scanning and Dent Repair

You might be asking yourself what does diagnostic scanning and dent repair have to do with each other? Isn’t that something a mechanic does?

Diagnostic scanning is nothing new to the collision industry, but it has in the recent years been brought to the attention of many shop owners as a way of checking components and confirming components are working correctly after repairs are made. The days of a shop simply turning on and off components to check if they work correctly is simply not the case any more. A simple task such as removing a tail light or headlight for even a light bulb replacement, then reinstalling the light and making sure it functions by turning the light on and off, are just not the way things are done anymore.

New Technology Advancements

Now with the advancements in the computer systems on vehicles, something like even a dead battery can also trigger and store diagnostic trouble codes, these codes will not always illuminate a check engine light in your dash. Once the system is hooked up to a computer diagnostic scan tool, the system can be scanned for hidden or stored codes and then the proper procedures can be taken to make sure that these systems are all in working order. These diagnostic scans are often REQUIRED to be performed by the vehicles manufacture as a way to make sure everything on your vehicle works properly and safely. We offer these services on top of doing dent repairs to insure the best repairs possible for our customers, keeping you yourself safe, your family, others on the roadways as well as your vehicle.

Scanning is just the first step in this system, next is recalibrating the auto driving systems in a vehicle, learn more about that here.


What does your vehicle manufacture say about diagnostic scanning?

Click your manufacture’s link below to see their statement on scanning.


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Land Rover



Mercedes Benz










To see more information on this check out I-Car’s Website for more details: Click Here

Sioux Falls MPDR | Your #1 Motorcycle Dent Repair Solution

Sioux Falls MPDR | Your #1 Motorcycle Dent Repair Solution

Sioux Falls MPDR

Sioux Falls MPDR, or Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair as it is more properly known, is the industry preferred way of maintaining your motorcycle tins such as fenders or tanks. It is a cost effective, fast, and reliable method. However, most importantly it is the safest way to restore your bike without ruining its factory fresh condition. Since Harley Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers do not do body work or even release paint codes for matching there is often no other option available. So we take it upon ourselves to set an industry standard of lightning fast repairs, unbeatable prices, and premium repairs!

  • Professional Techs – Sioux Falls MPDR technicians receive training even after becoming a full time employee. This promotes dependable work and innovation.
  • Insurance Approved – Over the years metal and base/clear coat paint finishes have become more and more common. This has allowed for MPDR to become a viable alternative to standard body shops. In fact, many insurance companies will waive your deductible if you choose MPDR over traditional methods because of how common resilient paints are!
  • State of the Art Technology – Our Sioux Falls MPDR team uses specialized equipment for repairing motorcycles. This gives us the competitive edge required to provide flawless repairs at unbeatable prices!
  • Protect Your Blue Book Value – MPDR is the only repair method proven to boost your motorcycle’s resale value! We leave your original paint job completely untouched with our non-invasive techniques.

Your #1 Motorcycle Dent Repair Solution

Our goal as Sioux Falls’ #1 MPDR company is to provide premium services with fast a low price results. Finding a local motorycle PDR company can be difficult but we don’t let that stop us from providing the best deals available. For affordable repairs that will have you back on the road in no time call us today at 605-595-4061. We’ll schedule your free estimate so you can start saving now!