PDR Tool Review – Edgy Tools

PDR Tool Review – Edgy Tools

PDR Tool Review Time!

Today we will be doing a PDR Tool Review featuring Edgy Tools. If you are involved in the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry at all, you have heard of Edgy Tools one way or another. From there awesome advertising featuring the Edgy Gator, that theme runs through the entire company and I absolutely love it. Down to the fantastic and game changing tools they develop and KEEP developing, if you are a tech why would you not want to work smarter, not harder!

There are two different tools we are highlighting in this review.

The No-Roll Knockdown

The Knockers Blending Hammer tip

PDR Tool Review - Edgy Tools - The Knockers Blending Hammer Tip

Both of these tools bring new elements of surprises to the paintless dent repair industry. One is a smaller more efficient hammer tip, to basically what I would refer to as the swiss army knife of knock downs.