Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair Tool Accessories

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair Tool Accessories

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair Tool Accessories


Today we are going to be checking out some of the accessories that fit onto the Motorcycle Tank Vice for motorcycle dent repair from Ultra Dent Tools that we discussed a few days ago. The first accessory that we’re going to be looking at is something that we use to protect the metal surrounding the gas filler opening. It is a simple plastic ring that drops into most of the motorcycle’s fuel tank openings. There is also a copper ball accessory that fits into the opening of the ring. The ball has a pivoting hole that allows a tool to slide through and then it can be locked in with an Allen Key. What this helps with is to keep the tool secure and allows you to put as much or as little leverage as is required to fix a dent in the tank without damaging or scratching the metal. Another helpful tool or tools is something that can keep the tank in place and secure it so that technicians can work on the tanks without worrying about it sliding or shifting around. It is quite difficult to explain most of these tools without having a tank to actually showcase them. When you’re working with motorcycles, you always have to make adjustments because every bike manufacturer is going to put something different on their bikes, so you always should have options to get the right fit for every model.

When installing a fuel tank onto the vice, we always have to make sure that we get a tight and secure fit so that we don’t get any slip-ups when pushing out a dent. Spacers are a great accessory to use when we need to get a snug fit for any type of tank and they come in all different sizes. Using plastic washers between the tank and any other metal (washers, nuts, screws, etc.) ensures that we don’t scratch up the original paint work or damage the metal on the tank or panel that we are working on.

A product that has really come in handy for most of the motorcycle vice accessories is a box that I purchased from Walmart which is more commonly used for separating fishing equipment. It has enough space to store the smallest accessories without getting them mixed up with the other accessories. If and when we get a motorcycle tank to work on, I can explain and demonstrate how these accessories and tools work in reality – so stay alert for that.





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Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tools

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tools

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tools

Today, we will be following up on the discussion we had a couple of days ago about motorcycle dent repair. We spoke earlier about the Motorcycle Tank Vice and the PDR for motorcycles, and today, we will be diving into the various tools that we here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair use to work on motorcycles.

All the tools showcased here are available on Ultra Dent Tools and as we mentioned in the previous video, if you are getting into motorcycle paintless dent repair, you should be buying all the tools and accessories. One of the biggest reasons for this is because motorcycle repair tools are actually a lot stronger than car repair tools.

One of the commonly used tools is the Soft Tip Wheel Lip which can be used practically anywhere on the motorcycle but is predominantly used to get out dents from around the gas lid/gas hole. The accessory that fits onto the wheel lip is also from Ultra Dent Tools and is called the adjustable T-Handle. It allows us to use the tool from any angle we need and get the dent out using as much or as little leverage as is required. There is also an extension rod that fits onto the end of the Soft Tip Wheel Lip and makes it longer so we can reach further and get to dents even better. All the Wheel Lips allow interchangeable tips so we can use different tips for different jobs without having to actually replace the tool entirely. Most of our interchangeable tips come from Edgy Tools and they work equally well on cars as well as motorcycles.

Going back to the point about buying all the tools available if you plan on getting into motorcycle dent repair, Ultra Dent Tools usually offers discounts during the holiday season and Black Friday where you can easily get about 10-15 percent off on their tools.




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Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tank Vise – MPDR

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tank Vise – MPDR

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal Tank Vise – MPDR


Today at the Sioux Falls Dent Repair HQ, we are going to be talking about a motorcycle tank vice and how we use it in the shop. The one that we use is from Ultra Dent Tools and is actually used for not only motorcycle tanks, but also for fenders and other panels as well.

With this specific model, there are other accessories that can be attached to make any type of repair work easier. While the first version only came with a single center post, the new version, called 2.0, now comes with a back post for better stability. However, the first version was designed for mobile repairs and could be attached to the back of a truck for repairs on the go.

Since motorcycles are more rarely used this time of the year, it will be the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get some repair work done or even some modifications done to their bikes. The motorcycle vice makes it easier to hold the tank in place so we can work on it without having to worry about the handlebars getting in the way. Plus, the metal used on some of the bikes out there is a lot thicker than what is used on cars so we need all the leverage we can get when pulling out a dent from a motorcycle tank.

The vice itself is extremely adjustable and maneuverable so that we can work on a panel from different angles without complications. The version 2.0 also comes with a “tool bender” addition that allows us to use different types of tools such as a dent dial to get out all kinds of damage.

A Must Have

If you are thinking about getting into PDR or already are and are now looking at getting into motorcycle repairs as well, our advice would be to get all the tools needed because they will help you in the long run. There are a wide range of accessories that can be used when it comes to motorcycle repair and we will take a closer look at that sometime in the near future.




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Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Our Cart Setup

The back side of our TDN Tool cart is filled with more paintless dent repair tools. These are tools we might use slightly less but are still needed very often. Starting from the left hand side we have an entire tool tray full of Dent Craft whale tails. These tools work specifically between bracing. This tray features multiple different lengths and widths of whale tail style tools.




On To More Tools


Moving to the next tray this one has our go to door tools on it. These are made up of PDR Finesse tools with their ratchet style handles. Featuring a shorter door tool, a longer version (not shown) and a flag style tool seen with tessa tape on the tip. We also have a PDR Finesse double bend tool with an interchangeable tip. The tip on this tool is available from Dead on Dent Tools and it features a red cherry cap available from Dent Craft.


But Wait There Is More

Finishing up on this tray is the Ultra Dent Tools and their Pick tools. These are sharper tools that have and work especially great on Aluminum panels.


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