Paintless Dent Repair on a Budget

Paintless Dent Repair on a Budget

Paintless Dent Repair on a Budget – Have a Dent-Free 2021 


As we enter the New Year, we here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair hope all of you have a prosperous year ahead. Today, Jack is taking on a dent a customer found on the left rear door of their 2009 GMC Yukon.


With the naked eye, we can clearly see two big dents and the edge of the panel is rolled in as well. But on closer inspection, we also found a couple of smaller dents below the door handle. There is also a crack in the paint near the back end of the door. While the damage can easily be taken out, we have to apply some clear-coat touch-up paint to protect the factory paint from getting damaged even more.


The customer was looking to get the bigger dents out more than the other smaller damage around the door. The vehicle is 11-years old, so the customer wasn’t really concerned about the smaller damage. We work with the customer and ensure that they get the best results no matter what. Since the customer wasn’t really concerned about the rolled edge panel damage, we focused mainly on the bigger dents.


We started our work by placing a window guard into the window to gain access to the damaged panel. We had to use the glue-pulling method as well as our regular tools through the window space. The glue pulling method is used for getting out the majority of the damage and then we use the tools to slowly push out the rest of the damage.  We can also gain access through the door to push out the damage. We normally use multiple angles to get the damage out completely and it gives us the best results.


Once all the damage is taken out, we use some minor buffing and polishing to finish the panel. This also helps us to work on the paint crack. Then we simply apply the clear-coat touch-up paint on the crack, and we’re done. The finished product, as you can see, came out really well and the customer was very happy with the results.

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