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VIDEO: New Dent Repair Tools from Dent Reaper 

New Tools!!! There is nothing better for a PDR technician than to receive a package with new tools, especially if it is unexpected. Today, we got a surprise from A-1 Tools; if you know anything about us, we use many A-1 Tools equipment. They make premium tools and often collaborate with companies like Dent Reaper and Anson PDR Tools to release newer, better options.

We got a couple of Dent Reaper hub tools inside the package from A-1 called the Super Scythe and the Arch Angel. We got a sharp and dull version so that we can tackle all kinds of dents with ease. The tools are made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes them extremely strong and durable. These tools are designed for door ding repairs but can be used for practically any kind of dent with limited access.

To use these tools, you will need to have something like the Guerrilla Grip Tactical Handle to give you all the leverage and power that you need to get out all kinds of dents. As you can see, there is a blunt tip tool, which is primarily used for pushing out larger damage while the sharper tip can be used for detailing and getting out smaller dents. Both the tools are tapered so that they can easily fit into tight areas but they do not compromise on strength. When it comes to PDR tools, A-1 Tools is one of the best names in the business, and with their extensive collection, there is not a tool or a brand that you will not find on their website. They are all about quality and deliver on that – no matter what you purchase.

PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

In today’s video, we look at some of the tools that we use here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair to keep panels partially opened while we work on the damage.

We used the first tool on the Mazda we repaired a few days ago and kept the door opened so that we could get the dent out without having to remove the door itself. It is called the Anson PDR Door Jammer and is designed by Derek Yost. The Door Jammer is lightweight, made from aluminum, and is great for holding panels open.

The next tool we have is a Hood Prop-N-Lock from B and D Tools but can be used on doors and other panels quite easily. One of the best things about this tool is that it can be extended for a more versatile repair experience. The Hood Prop-N-Lock is especially great for lift gate assemblies without having to remove them completely.

Finally, we have the Tailgator from B and D Tools once again. This is one of the best tool to partially open a tailgate and keep it open firmly so that we can gain access and get the damage out successfully.

All the tools we’ve just seen are available on as well as




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