PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

PDR Accessories For Dent Removals

In today’s video, we look at some of the tools that we use here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair to keep panels partially opened while we work on the damage.

We used the first tool on the Mazda we repaired a few days ago and kept the door opened so that we could get the dent out without having to remove the door itself. It is called the Anson PDR Door Jammer and is designed by Derek Yost. The Door Jammer is lightweight, made from aluminum, and is great for holding panels open.

The next tool we have is a Hood Prop-N-Lock from B and D Tools but can be used on doors and other panels quite easily. One of the best things about this tool is that it can be extended for a more versatile repair experience. The Hood Prop-N-Lock is especially great for lift gate assemblies without having to remove them completely.

Finally, we have the Tailgator from B and D Tools once again. This is one of the best tool to partially open a tailgate and keep it open firmly so that we can gain access and get the damage out successfully.

All the tools we’ve just seen are available on AnsonPDR.com as well as BandDTools.net.




If you have any queries and questions, leave them down in the comments section or text or call us at 605-250-1023.

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What Tool Is That? – Paintless Dent Repair Tools

What Tool Is That? – Paintless Dent Repair Tools

What Tool Is That? – Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the PDR tools that was posted on the Instagram feed and we got a lot of questions about.

The tool itself can be separated into the handle and the main component called the Tequila Door Lord from Anson PDR. They are available in four (4) different sizes and do originally come with ratchet handles, however, the upgraded handle we use is a lot more comfortable and easier to work with.

The handle we use is called the Guerrilla Grip which is also from Anson PDR but was initially made by John Highly. It is a “T” handle design but can be disconnected and assembled as a longer handle if needed. Anson PDR does have other designs including a longer handle that comes fitted with a rubber ball at the end. The first time I got to use this handle was at the Dent Olympics Training Event this year at MTE. I actually used the Door Lord on the Mazda repair and people were asking me about it.



If you have any queries and questions,  text or call us at 605-250-1023

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NEW Paintless Dent Repair Tools!

NEW Paintless Dent Repair Tools!

NEW Paintless Dent Repair TOOLS!

Check out what we bought at the 2020 Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida!

First we purchased a new Glue gun from Anson PDR, the new Trifecta Glue gun. This gun is a collaboration between Anson, TDN Group and Elimadent. These three took the popular Tec glue gun and made it even better. The first being it now runs off of a battery, but not just 1 battery, multiple batteries. The standard setup, the glue gun as is can be used with a Ryobi. From there you can purchase an adapter to fit all of your favorite brands, from Dewalt, which is what we use, to Makita, Milwaukee and even Bosch! This glue gun contains 2 different heat settings and heats up in a very quick amount of time compared to other glue guns on the market.

The Wedge Light from Edgy Tools.

This is a revolutionary new wedge that has a built in light but the end of the Wedge Light actually disperses the light all throughout the panel, unlike other wedge style lights on the market. This has a built in battery and is rechargeable through a standard Micro USB port. (cable provided)


Carbon Tech Hustle Stick Attachments.

We were really excited to finally get our hands on the new Hustle stick, or pogo stick attachments from Carbon Tech PDR tools. This new setup allows us to use are carbon tech hail rod as a leverage devise not only for glue pulling but also for using other items like the Edgy Hookers, which we had to use today on this Ford Pickup Bedside.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

At the event we signed up at the PDR Tool Time booth to be apart of the tool giveaway. We ended up winning a care package from VIP Tools, this had the 3.0 VIP knockdown, as well as the 1.5 VIP Knockdown and their BRAND new Hedgehog shrinking tip. We are excited to try out this new shrinking tip.

We also won a 4 foot carbon fiber smaller hail rod from Ultra Dent Tools, We have not received that in the mail yet but we will show that when it shows up.


But Wait, there is more!

Edgy tools was no disappointment this year, their revolutionary Wedge Light was a must by but they also have some new caps or “Pasties” for their the Knockers tips. This changes their superior Knockers tip to now have 3 caps to install on it, Green, Orange and Black. They are made up of different hardness and allow for more customization for your repairs!

We also picked up a Magnum XL Hanger from Edgy Tools to use with our Carbon Tech Hail rod, to create leverage with. Dead On Dent Tools had some new to us tips available and We picked up 3 different tips of theirs.

Keco Tabs was no disappointment this year around, we stocked up on some of their 9mm and 7mm glue tabs just to make sure we do not run out, they are a must have glue tab!

Anson PDR hooked us up with a glue pulling kit. They donated to us attending the Make it Rain Seminar, a seminar specifically for shop owners that want to level up their business. This kit was full of glue tabs, glues and a new knockdown. From Carbon tech we also picked up Daniel Gromm’s 144 signature hammer. This is probably one of the more heavier hammers on the market and with its nice bigger head it will work fantastic for big crowns on big damage. We also talked with Daniel himself about his hammer and we even hooked us up with some sticks of his Signature Hawg Glue!


These gloves were shown originally but we forgot to talk about them in the video, these are from GuardTech. We are not ones to wear gloves often, but these gloves have great padding on all of the right areas for our needs. Protect your hands for the long haul, be sure to pick a set of these up!


Do you think some of these new tools would help us repair a dent in YOUR vehicle?

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