Big Dent Removal – Paintless Dent Repair

Big Dent Removal – Paintless Dent Repair

Big Dent Removal

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a 2016 Chevrolet Equinox in need of a big dent removal, this has a pretty bad door dent in it. As you can see, the damage is quite severe and starts all the way near the top of the door and goes through the body line. There is even a bit of damage towards the bottom of the door which we will have to get rid of.

Starting Off, Cold Glue

To get some of the dent out from the door, we will be using a product called Cold Glue and it is available from Glexo. The Cold Glue tab is fastened to the Slide Hammer that we use here in the Sioux Falls Dent Repair shop and the tab is then applied to the damaged area. By simply pulling the Slide Hammer back and forth a few times, we can get some of the damage out.

Next, we switch over to hot glue pull tabs – something used quite commonly in the PDR world. The tabs we’re using for this job is from Black Plague and it is from the Ice Tab series. We’ll be using the Elim A Dent glue gun with Cam Auto Glue to pull out some of the remaining damage. The glue takes a little longer to dry, but it offers a better and stronger pull. To pull on the glue tab, we’ll be using the KECO K-Bar which gives us a lot of leverage when it comes to pulling on tabs and getting out dents.

With the help of the PDR lights, you can see how all that pulling got rid of the majority of that large dent in the door. Once we finish working on the door from the front, we can then remove the door, door panel and start pushing out the damage from the back. We also have to remove the glass, the reason being is this glass is special to this type of vehicle, find out what’s different about this glass by Clicking Here. After we remove the door panel, we gain a lot more access to the back of the door panel and this lets us push out the remaining damage with our tools.

After removing the door and placing it under the PDR lights, we can see how much of the damage is still left and we can then figure out the kind of tools we would require for the job. Moving over to the lower side of the door, we have to hammer down the damage with a special tool. It takes a multiple hits and quite a bit of time to get the damage out 100%, but it is still faster than taking the car to a body shop.


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Big Dent Removal Techniques – Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

Big Dent Removal Techniques – Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

Big Dent Removal Techniques

Back again for another paintless dent repair and here we are going to show you some of our big dent removal techniques on this Dodge Challenger Scat Pack edition. This vehicle was brought to us with some tree limb damage. Yes that is right, a tree company was unfortunately cutting down some tree branches above this car and during the process they fell all over this vehicle. This caused damage all over including the hood, fender, roof, roof rails, trunk lid but today we are focusing on just the quarter panel damage.

What Tools Did We Use?

We started off these repairs by gaining access to the backside by removing the interior trim panels in the trunk. From there we remove the tail light and work through the wiring access hole for the tail light. The first tool we used was actually an Ultra Dent Tools double bend tool with an interchangeable tip and extension. We start off a repair like this with a bigger ball style tip. From there we slowly downsize the tip size to get more precision pushes. Towards the end of the repair the damage actually started to slightly oil can, shown in the video. The panel is very flimsy and movable with just minor pushes with our fingers. We knew we had to tighten the metal up so we started by using some electronic tools.

Electronic Dent Removal?

In this repair towards the end of the repair like stated prior we had to resort to using some electronic style tools for this repair. What we are using is the steel hotbox machine from Betatag. This tool uses electromagnetic heat induction to heat up the panel. We heat up the panel with this tool to a safe temperature that will NOT damage the paint finish. From there we then spray the area with a cold spray. This method of quickly heating the metal and quickly cooling the panel is nothing new to metal workers. What this does is tighten up the molecules in the metal making it shrink. This shrinking action tightens up the metal so it does not remain flexible after the finished repair. Say for instance we DID NOT do this, the panel make at some time be pushed in from say someone leaning on the vehicle or a high pressure car wash for instance. More than likely with this minor stretched metal it will not stick inwords looking like a dent but it could happen so we must take special precautions to prevent this.

Finishing it up

In the end we were able to remove not only this damage but damage all over the vehicle from the tree limbs. We use only the paintless dent repair method for our repairs and no painting, body fillers or primers were used in these repairs. Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see other repairs we performed on this vehicle coming soon.



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How long does Paintless Dent Repair take?

How long does Paintless Dent Repair take?

How Long Do Paintless Dent Repairs Take?

Almost all of our repairs can be completed within one day. Some of our customers arrange with us to drop their vehicles off the night before for their own convenience. This allows the vehicle to sit in our climate controlled shop throughout the night. In the winter this is especially important, the vehicles metals are all warm, as well as any snow or water is dried off of the vehicle allowing us the start the repair process right away. No need to clean the vehicle off of dirt, snow and rain.


How Long Does It Take To Remove A Small Dent From My Vehicle?

Most smaller dents, say for instance a door ding can be completed within an hour. Some customers will wait and watch us actually perform their repairs in front of their own eyes. Often times customers have no idea how damage is repaired and we are happy to discuss with them while we do the repairs. Anything from tool selection and why we choose those specific tools, to how we gain access and watching us remove simple items such as trim panels, door panels, tail lights, head lights and bumpers. Most that are willing to watch find it very intriguing.


How Long Does It Take To Remove A Big Dent From My Vehicle?

Bigger damage is still often repaired within one day. Often times depending on the damage, why try and schedule the customer to drop their vehicle off the night before repairs. This as stated above allows the vehicle to be dried off and clear of dirt, water and snow when we start the repairs. Often times we will start the repair process that night they drop their vehicle off just to get a good head start. We are more than willing to work around peoples schedule to accommodate them and their needs.


How Long Do Hail Damage Repairs On A Vehicle Take?

There are many factors that come into play when giving a time frame for hail damage repairs. Often times insurance companies get involved and are the biggest factor for the turn around time. When parts are damaged they need to be ordered and most times are available and sent to our shop withing 1 to 3 business days, parts on back order are all on a case by case basis. All work and parts (some exclusions apply) are not started or ordered until AFTER the final insurance approval.

After we have the final approval from your insurance company we will start the repairs and order all of the necessary parts required for your repairs. The severity of the vehicles damage will greatly affect the time that is needed to repair your vehicle, lighter damaged vehicles can take just a day or 2. Bigger damaged vehicles may take 3-5 days.

Most hail damage claims start to finish, including the time needed to work with your insurance company can be completed in just one week. We often have customers schedule with us to drop their vehicle off Monday morning and make arrangements with their vehicle rental if they have one. Most repairs are then completed by that Friday, allowing the customers to have their vehicle for the weekend!

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