Dent Repair Factors: Glass Identification

Dent Repair Factors: Glass Identification


Why does the glass in your door matter when doing a price quote for your door ding?

Well today we will be discussing how the glass in the door of your vehicle will determinant what steps are need in order to perform your dent repair. There are two different style of glasses that they put in vehicles. One being the traditional tempered glass which is one solid piece of glass, the other being laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass is actually 2 pieces of glass glued together with plastic in between them.

Why Do Manufactures Do this?

Why do they have 2 different style of glasses you ask? There are multiple reasons why a manufacture would choose Laminated safety glass over your traditional tempered glass. The biggest reason would be safety, in the event of an accident laminated glass does not shatter like your traditional tempered glass. The reason being is the plastic in between the 2 outer pieces of glass will actually hold the structure of the glass even when it is broken. This type of glass is what is used in windshields, so when you get damage to your windshield it does not shatter it cracks, the same is true for laminated safety glass in your door. This glass holds its form so when an airbag is deployed or the vehicle is perhaps involved in a roll over for instance it will not blow out or break the side glass when the structure of the door frame is compromised or is heavily impacted. Another big reason for this glass choice and why it is typically found in more highly optioned and high end vehicles is noise. This glass is thicker and has multiple layers making it harder for sound to go though, so it is actually quieter, you will have less road noise transmitted through this glass.

Check out our video on how to better identify your glass and have us explain this whole process:

Hopefully this helps you better understand the glass make up in your vehicle and why we have to know which style of glass it is when doing a dent repair on your door for instance.

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