Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Today, we take on a dented Subaru bumper that seemed to have backed into something. This was a typical PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) job for us, however, when the owner took the car to a body shop to get a quote, they were given an $800-$900 estimate.

The Damage

A closer look at the damaged area, we found that there was a little bit of paint damage and scuffing around the dent. Nothing about the repair was too extreme, which was a blessing for both us, and the customer. In fact, the customer brought along some Subaru touch-up paint for their car so that we didn’t have to look for the perfect matching shade.

Perfect Situation

When it comes to PDR, bumpers are not really the ideal part to repair because they normally have broken plastic or severe spider paint cracks. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, this repair was exactly what PDR is about with regards to very few touch-up spots. And a bonus for us was that the car was a black one so the touch-up paint that we used wouldn’t really stand out, unless you go looking for it.

Paint Touch Up

The customer wasn’t too concerned about the touch-up paint job as we were able to quote the repair at just a fraction of what was being asked for by the body shop they visited. Now, the difference here is that a body shop will actually disassemble, repair, and repaint the entire bumper and what we do is pull the dent out and touch-up the area without covering the original paint job. The vehicle is a 2012 Subaru Legacy with a good amount of wear and tear across the body but the owner is satisfied with its performance and doesn’t really want to spend a lot on repairs.


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Extreme Paintless Dent Repair

Extreme Paintless Dent Repair

Extreme Paintless Dent Repair

Here we have our lead technician, Jack Bucknell with us at Sioux Falls Dent Repair, Showing you some damage we repaired in this 2012 Buick Verano. This damage is quite extreme for paintless dent repair but with the right tools and enough patience this damage can be worked out and removed using the Paintless Dent Repair method.


Accessing The Damage

We start off this repair by taking the vehicle apart to gain access to the backside. First accessing the trunk area then removing multiple components. We first take out the spare tire cover along with some interior trim panels. Then we remove the tail light assembly follows by lowering the bumper cover on the left hand side. We have to lower the bumper down in order to gain access to the bottom edge so that we can better work the edge of the damage out.

Tools Used

Multiple tools ranging from Ultra dent tools, Dent Craft tools, Dent Dials all for pushing. We then use knockdowns from VIP, Edgy Tools and more. For our hammer selections we are using the Daniel Gromm 144 from Carbon Tech PDR Tools, we also use the Shane Jacks Signature Series Jackhammer fit with tips from Edgy tools, specifically using the Knockers tip in multiple sizes.

Things Are Heating Up

Some technicians as well as ourselves also use a Map gas or propane torch as well for heat, but with this damage requiring a constant heat, plus we are in a shop environment so we have power to run  a heat gun, this is the best course of action. Also the Get a Grip arm with a heat gun was an absolute must for this repair.

Finish Time

Time to put the vehicle back together for the customer. Then we test all of the components manually to make sure they all work. A Pre Diagnostic computer scan is than ran on the vehicle. This insures all of the vehicle components are working after the repairs are made and everything is put back together correctly and that the computer systems are communicating correctly.

This repair was made in just ONE DAY. We started on this repair in the morning and finished in the afternoon. The customer was only without their vehicle for a day for this repair making it quick and simple for them. No need to go to a body shop for this type of damage. No hassles of having body work, repainting, bondo and then later sand scratches showing up or color miss matches like with a body shop. This damage does not register on a Carfax History Report when choosing Paintless Dent Repair and will not devalue your vehicle like a body shop repair will. There will no be indication there was ever damage to your vehicle with this type of repair method.


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4 Common Causes of Dents and Dings | Hartford PDR

4 Common Causes of Dents and Dings | Hartford PDR

Common Causes of Minor Body Damage

Dents and dings happen. Often, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. But our Hartford PDR experts have some tricks to protect your car from potential damage. Here are a few ways you car might be placed in harms way without your knowing:

#1: Parking Accidents

Everyone has errands to run, and sometimes it’s on a tight schedule. Parking in the far corner of a lot might mean you have a mild walk ahead of you, but it puts your car miles from danger. Suddenly you don’t need to worry about careless drivers opening their doors, or stray shopping carts wandering into your car.

#2: Kids & Sports

If you live near a lot of kids or something like a park or a golf course then your car might score a nice catch if you’re unlucky. If you can park in a garage then that’s definitely the safest option. It’s also wise to educate children early on the value of something as expensive as a new car. However, this isn’t always in your control.

#3: Automatic Car Washes

The appeal of a 5 minute car wash without ever having to leave your vehicle is very tempting. Just know that you’re giving up some personal control when it comes to the safety of your ride. It might be wiser to give the car a thorough wash yourself.

#4: Slow Impact Fender Benders

Your fender is always the first place to be struck in an accident. If the collision happened at a slow speed then you might leave with only a minor fender bender. Depending on the extent of the damage, our Hartford PDR team can repair your fender no problem!

While these are some of the most common ways dents happen, they aren’t limited to only this list. If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of one of these incidences, our Hartford PDR team can restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 for a free quote!



Protect Your Paint With A Quick Alternative to Sioux Falls Body Shops.

Protect Your Paint With A Quick Alternative to Sioux Falls Body Shops.

Paintless dent repair is your premier substitute for overpriced Sioux Falls body shop rates. Sometimes dents are just unavoidable. Careless drivers nick doors and ding bumpers all the time. It’s infuriating but getting frustrated won’t solve anything. Instead, take a deep breath and a step back to assess the situation. If the paint is still intact then PDR can fix the damage without ruining the factory fresh quality of your car. Visits to the body shop used to be a sure thing but now with so many paintless methods available your vehicle can be fixed at a fraction of the cost with a portion of the time.

Your Paint is Important

Modern paint jobs play a very important role in protecting the long term value of your car. It’s likely a small impact won’t leave you penniless. In fact, paintless dent repair can save you a fortune compared to unreasonable Sioux Falls body shop methods. Paintless dent repair works by gently massaging both steel and aluminum panels back into place. This service is preferred by insurance firms for its success rate and safety.

Much Faster Than Sioux Falls Body Shops

Paintless dent repair is much faster than competing Sioux Falls body shop techniques and can be completed in mere minutes under the right circumstances. This means mobile techs can fix your car from your own driveway. In certain instances you can do it yourself however, we’ve already made our opinion on DIY clear. If you are confident in your abilities as a PDR technician then go for it, but under any other circumstances seek out a professional.

Affordable Rates You Can’t Ignore

Adversely body shop repairs are more thorough than PDR. This may sound better but why leave your car in the shop longer than it needs to be? Sioux Falls body shops spend a lot of resources repainting, sanding, and filling the dent. All of these steps are unnecessary if the dent can simply be pushed or pulled out. Additionally, you will ultimately be spending more on the extra service and materials that weren’t needed. For a faster more affordable alternative to minor collision damage call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 for your free estimate!