Using Paintless Dent Repair to Repair Vehicles

Using Paintless Dent Repair to Repair Vehicles

Using Paintless Dent Repair to Repair Vehicles

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is an environmentally friendly way of repairing a dent. With the help of PDR, you can easily restore your car into its original shape without destroying the factory paint or the protective layer on top of it. 

The paintless dent repair process usually consists of four vital steps. If you’re getting hail repair done from a certified technician, they’re probably going to perform these four steps for dent removal. 

  1. Damage assessment
  2. Entering the dent
  3. Looking/Evaluating the dent
  4. Applying slow pressure to remove the dent

The PDR Process

Every day our certified technicians work on all kinds of vehicles to make car owners happy. The best part about the PDR process is that it doesn’t hurt your wallet that much, and it’s very quick. To understand how the PDR process works, read on! 

  • Damage Assessment

Initially, the certified technician working on your car will first evaluate the dent so they know how serious the damage is. The severity of the dent can also decide how much time the technician will need to remove the dent. 

In most cases of PDR, the dent removal process can take just a day. But if the dent is too big, the certified technician might take more than a day. 

  • Examining the Dent

When a technician is done looking at your vehicle after the initial stage, they’ll plan how to enter the dent so they can fix it. In most cases, expert technicians enter a dent from the back so they can slowly massage the car’s body back into its original form. However, if that is not possible, the technician might try to “pull” out the dent from the front. This, however, depends on the car accident that occurred, and the damage the car has sustained. 

  • Taking a Better Look

Certified technicians at Sioux Falls Dent Repair can also use a special light to look at the dent so they could understand it from their point of view. The light can show them shadows of the dent. This can, in turn, tell them which part they’ll have to focus on particularly. 

  • Applying Slow Pressure

Once the technician has understood what they need to do to repair the dent, they carefully utilize their tools to massage the exterior of your car’s body so it can be restored back to its original state. In most cases, the PDR process can be completed on the same day the car comes to our shop. 

What Can’t Be Fixed With PDR?

Even though dent repairs can be made very convenient with the PDR process, there are some car accidents for which PDR is not recommended. For example, if your car got a scratch or an abrasion, PDR can’t help in this case. 

In a case like this, touching up will be necessary, and your car might need a repaint. 


If your car got in an accident and you’re looking for dent removal – Sioux Falls dent repair can help. Our certified technicians can ensure that your car is back in the shape it originally was without compromising the original paint. 

Contact us to know more. 

Sioux Falls Hail Damage Repair | A Team Dedicated to Results

Sioux Falls Hail Damage Repair | A Team Dedicated to Results

Sioux Falls Hail Damage Repair

Once you’re caught in a hail storm you might as well forget about avoiding the damage. You can prevent future dents with a little bit of preparation but often it’s too late. Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the leading repair team in hail damage and dent removal. With years of experience in hail damage, small dents, large dents, motorcycle repair, and much more we have prepared ourselves to handle any kind of PDR damage you could conjure up.

A Team Dedicated to Results

Our specialty here at Sioux Falls Dent Repair is fixing extensive hail damage. If your car was caught in one of the recent hail storms then our experienced team and advanced technology can return your car to its factory fresh condition 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Restore your car to its pre-damaged condition today with our Sioux Falls hail damage repair team!

  • Highly Trained Technicians – Sioux Falls hail damage repair technicians continue their training while they work. This maintains a consistent level of quality while supporting innovation in techniques.
  • Advanced Dent Removal Technology – We provide our Sioux Falls hail damage repair team with top-of-the-line equipment to supplement their skills. Now, the team can complete repairs in a matter of hours without risk of scratching or scarring.
  • Retain Your Resale Value – Dents and dings are the leading cause of resale depreciation in most vehicles. Therefore, we’ve adopted a non-invasive process that doesn’t affect the factory finish of your car.
  • Insurance Approved – Since paintless dent repair is a non-invasive process it won’t affect your vehicle negatively in anyway. If you have comprehensive coverage then most Sioux Falls insurance companies will allow you to make a claim on the damage. This means the repairs could come at little or no cost to you!

Our hail damage repair process begins with a damage assessment. For your free estimate call 605-595-4061 today!


A Complete Guide to Sioux Falls Door Crease Repair

A Complete Guide to Sioux Falls Door Crease Repair

Sioux Falls Door Crease Repair

Among the myriad dents you could encounter in your lifetime as a driver, by far some of the most annoying are door creases. Crease dents are most commonly caused by car accidents but they can happen at any time. As a matter of fact, these types of dents can often be so troublesome that body shops may recommend installing entirely new panels! While in extreme cases this may be necessary, a good Sioux Falls door crease repair crew can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes a body shop, and they can do it without lowering your resale value! (more…)

The Sioux Falls Motorcycle Tank Repair Team You Can Trust

The Sioux Falls Motorcycle Tank Repair Team You Can Trust

The gas tank is one of the most crucial components to any vehicle, motorcycle or otherwise. Neglecting dents in the fuel tank can result in many serious issues that are very easy to avoid. Practice proper maintenance and contact our Sioux Falls motorcycle tank repair team today. We offer experience, speeds, and prices you can’t find anywhere else!

What is Paintless Motorcycle Tank Repair?

Paintless motorcycle tank repair is a sort of subcategory of paintless dent repair. While it can go by many names, the most common is MPDR. MPDR is special for a variety of reasons. Namely its simple techniques and non-invasive process. However, helping us in our work is years of experience and professional tools designed for the job. So if you haven’t trained extensively with these professional level tools then DIY is not recommended.

How Can Sioux Falls Motorcycle Tank Repair Help You?

Our Sioux Falls motorcycle tank repair technicians have years worth of knowledge and experience ready to help you get the best deals and quality of work on the market!

Fast Repairs at Great Prices

Since MPDR is a non-invasive technique it can be completed quickly and at a fraction of the cost most body shops offer. The idea behind this is simple. Paintless motorcycle tank repair does not require any special materials or processes unique to body shops, so your cost of materials and labor is reduced significantly! Instead, we approach the dent from behind to push it back into place. Occasionally we will attach an MPDR device to the top of the dent to pull it back into place. But, overall this process will cost only one third of what body shops charge!

Safe, Insurance Approved Repairs

Paintless dent removal is a fairly well known method so most Sioux Falls insurance companies officially recognize it as a safe form of repair. This means you can make a claim on your dented tank and get it repaired at little to no cost to you! Additionally, MPDR won’t appear negatively on your driving record so you won’t lose any resale value for your motorcycle!

Taking care of your motorcycle tank is essential to any bikes survival. If you want fast and affordable motorcycle tank repair that will keep your vehicle at its maximum value then call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 and schedule your free estimate!

How Can Sioux Falls Motorcycle Dent Repair Benefit You?

How Can Sioux Falls Motorcycle Dent Repair Benefit You?

There is no shortage of paintless dent repair technicians to choose from. PDR is a rapidly growing market with new companies appearing every day. However, motorcycle PDR experts can be quite a bit more difficult to come by. Our Sioux Falls Motorcycle Dent Repair specialists are trained in unique techniques so they can handle anything from a small fender bender to tank damage. Call us today at 605-595-4061 to schedule your free estimate with the best Sioux Falls motorcycle dent repair company! (more…)