Top Reasons to Pick PDR Over Sioux Falls Auto Body Repair

Top Reasons to Pick PDR Over Sioux Falls Auto Body Repair

The excellent auto body repair in Sioux Falls can help you get the quality vehicle repairs you’re looking for, but it’s important to choose the dent repair method that’s right for you. Traditional body repair has its advantages, but paintless dent repair is an excellent alternative to traditional repairs because it can offer benefits that other methods cannot. We’ve collected the top benefits of PDR over traditional repairs so you can see for yourself why PDR is the go-to method for Sioux Falls auto body repair.

Traditional body repair can get pricey

The steps involved in traditional repairs can make them more expensive than PDR, which has a shorter and less complicated process. The use of putty and paint can make traditional repairs costly. PDR doesn’t use either of these supplies. Rather, their process involves simple tools used to create pressure and work out dents.

Traditional repairs can leave you without a car for weeks

The lengthy process of Sioux Falls auto body repair can take a long time. Depending on your dents, your repairs could even take weeks to complete. Paintless dent repair’s lack of paint use allows repairs to be done much more quickly, as there is no need for paint matching, painting, or drying time. Some dents can even be removed within hours.

Traditional repairs produce pollutants

The putty, primers, and paint used in traditional Sioux Falls auto body repair release pollutants into the air. In a time when our environment truly needs saving, PDR is one way you can help reduce pollution. PDR’s process of tools and pressure do not produce harmful gasses like the supplies used in traditional repairs.

With all these advantages, the appeal of paintless dent repair over traditional repairs is clear. It’s cheaper, faster, and better for the environment. Next time you’re in need of dent removal, look to Sioux Falls Dent Repair to give you the quality repairs you deserve.

Typical Auto Dents | Should You Choose PDR or a Sioux Falls Body Shop?

Typical Auto Dents | Should You Choose PDR or a Sioux Falls Body Shop?

You might think that dents are just dents, when really, not all dents are the same. In fact, there are four different categories of dents: round, creased, sharp, and extreme. All dents happen under varrying conditions; some may seem very similar, but all dents are unique in the way you approach repairs. Here is a list of dents and their qualities so you can determine what method of repair is best for you: Paintless dent repair or a Sioux Falls body shop.


Round dents are circular marks that are created with spherical objects such as hail or sports balls. Unlike the singular dent that will typically come with a golf ball or baseball, hail damage results in many small, round dents covering the surface of your car.


A creased dent is created when something drags along the side of your vehicle, creating a small, trough-like dent. This could be caused by bicycle handles or something sharp from another car scraping against yours.


Sharp dents are marks containing indented points. They could be caused by sharp objects being pressed into your car or perhaps someone opening their car door into yours.


Extreme dents could be very different in nature but are all characterized by intense damage to your car. They could have a wide variety of causes and appearances.

Luckily, 90% of dents can be fixed by a paintless dent repair expert or Sioux Falls body shop. PDR is inexpensive and can be completed in as little as a few hours, so it is usually the best option. Our experts will identify the nature of your dent, then slowly and carefully work it out of the metal using pressure and special tools. No paint, no replacement parts, and no putty all mean less final cost for you. For any dent you’re looking to remove, opt for paintless dent repair at your Sioux Falls body shop.

Before You Pick a Sioux Falls Body Repair Shop

Before You Pick a Sioux Falls Body Repair Shop

So You’re Searching For a Sioux Falls Body Repair Shop…

Before deciding on your preferred Sioux Falls body repair shop take a moment to consider the other options available. Chances are when you scanned your brain for alternatives the results consist of a small list of local body shops. But are those your only options? Many drivers seem to believe body shops are the be-all end-all for surface level repairs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Body shops are an excellent resource for collision repair, damaged metal, paint repair, and much more. However, when it comes to minor dents, hail damage, or most incidences where the paint remains intact PDR is likely going to be your most efficient option.

Why Not Go Paintless?

Most customers prefer paintless dent repair because it is quick and very affordable. Body shops usually take several days or even weeks to finish repairs due to their lengthy process. This process includes removing body panels, filling dents, sanding, and repainting. To put that into perspective, PDR is a two step process that requires no material components; only the tools and training of our professional technicians. We start by inspecting the damage with specialized lights. This creates shadows that can tell us exactly how wide or deep the dent is. Then we begin the process of removing the dent, either by applying pressure from behind, or by pulling it with glue or suction.

Paintless dent repair is beloved by so many drivers because of it’s non-invasive nature. No Sioux Falls body repair shop can guarantee your insurance rates remain the same, but PDR can! Our process is recognized and even supported by insurance companies all over the country because we never compromise the factory value of your paint finish. We have no need to. No part of our repair method alters even a single molecule of paint. This means no voided warranties, no mismatched paint, and no headache!

Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair | Can A Dent Be Repaired On A Body Line?

Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair | Can A Dent Be Repaired On A Body Line?

Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair

Dents and dings can make your car look ugly. At the same time, it can affect the resale value of your vehicle. The good news is Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair can now be done in an inexpensive way. Paintless dent repair is a less complicated process than a traditional body repair.

Paintless Dent Repair

With paintless dent repair, the tech will use different types of tools and techniques for Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair so as not to damage the original paint job. Once the dents are gone, it will appear as if it had never been damaged at all. PDR can save you time and money than going to a repair shop.

How To Access Door Panels

There are a lot of ways for accessing the dents on the door or side panel. For instance, the tech can access through the window opening. If the door frame has existing holes, then it can also be used for gaining entry for Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair. However, there are instances that the tech must remove the interior door panel to enable him to reach the damaged area.

What If The Dent Is On A Body Line?

Most Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair can be fixed by PDR as long as the paint is not broken. Regardless if the dent is located on a body line, fold or edge, it can still be repaired. In order to determine if the dent can still be repaired by PDR, you need to examine its location, access, and paint damage.

Just like the other dents, you need to consider the location, depth, and severity of the damage. Be sure to choose a qualified Sioux Falls Door Dent Repair tech who is well-experienced with removing dents. He must be knowledgeable about the different methods and techniques required in turning them back into its original shape.

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