NEW Paintless Dent Repair Tools!

NEW Paintless Dent Repair TOOLS! Check out what we bought at the 2020 Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida! First we purchased a new Glue gun from Anson PDR, the new Trifecta Glue gun. This gun is a collaboration between Anson, TDN Group and Elimadent. These three took the popular Tec glue gun and made […]

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Edgy Tools Demonstration by Dave Streen

Edgy Tools We had a chance to talk with Dave Streen with Edgy Tools at the Mobile Tech Expo. We talk about some of his latest tools and how to go about using them. If you have not seen or used these before they are all must haves for any professional dent repair technician. First […]

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PDR Tool Review – Edgy Tools

PDR Tool Review Time! Today we will be doing a PDR Tool Review featuring Edgy Tools. If you are involved in the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry at all, you have heard of Edgy Tools one way or another. From there awesome advertising featuring the Edgy Gator, that theme runs through the entire company and […]

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