Big Paintless Dent Removal

Big Paintless Dent Removal

Big Paintless Dent Removal



This is a very good example of big paintless dent removal, Today we have Jack Bucknell with Sioux Falls Dent Repair working on this 2016 Chevy Equinox Right Front Door. This is some extreme damage to to repair using the paintless dent repair method. Unfortunately the customer was not sure what exactly caused this damage.

The Dent Removal Process

We started off this repair using some cold glue from Glexo. We then continued with our traditional hot glue pulling methods. Using Cam Auto glue dispensed with our Elimadent Glue gun, will evenly distribute this glue to our Black Plague Black Ice Oval Glue Tab. We then place the Tab on the dented area and use a leverage bar from Keco. This leverage bar is refereed to as the K bar from Keco Glue Pull Products. Using this bar, this allows us to slowly and very strongly pull on this damage. This bar allows us to make a very controlled pull with the glue to pull this damage out, verses a slide hammer. After me made some great progress with glue we then have to start the removal process. We eventually end up removing the door panel and door glass to gain access to the back side of this of this damaged area.

Why Did You Have To Remove The Glass Assembly?

This vehicle features laminated saftey glass in the front doors. There are many reasons we need to remove this style of glass for this repair. We have another article that touches on all of these questions and concerts.

You can learn more by Clicking Here!


Pushing Time!

After we have full access to the backside of the damaged areas, we can now push the damage out. We then use a series of tools to push the damage out as well as knocking down some of the high areas especially in the lower areas. We use many different styles of tools from many different tool manufactures to achive this type of final results. Some of the tools include Dent Craft, A1 PDR Tools, Ultra Dent Tools and Stanliner tools from Lithuania! Many of the knockdowns and hammer heads used are from Edgy Tools.


Closing Time

After we have the vehicle all put back together we have to run a Post Repair Diagnostic Scan. This is when we hook up a diagnostic computer scan tool to do a full system scan on the vehicle. The good old days of just taking a vehicle apart, putting it back together and just making sure the window rolls up and down are now gone. Many vehicle manufactures, including this one, REQUIRE a diagnostic scan to be done Pre, before any work is performed. As well as after any work is done. We have a great article outlining more about this whole entire process that you can view:

Learn more about each vehicle manufactures requirements on scanning here:

Diagnostic Computer Scanning

If you’d like to see us actually Scan a vehicle and show you the whole process:



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