Sharp Crease Dents Removed with PDR

Sharp Crease Dents Removed with PDR

Sharp Crease Dents Removed with PDR


If you’ve ever hit or backed your vehicle into a blunt object or pointy surface in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you probably have a sharp crease dent on your car or truck. Unlike typical dents, sharp crease dents are more complex to repair and can easily stretch the metal of the body part.

They are more unsightly than typical dents and dings, and there is a higher chance of your paint cracking if you don’t get dent repairs immediately. Cracked paint gives way to water and moisture that seep through to introduce rust and corrosion to the body part.

Moreover, paint damage may also mean that your crease dent is no longer eligible for paintless dent repair (PDR), which is bad because PDR is exactly what you want for the best repairs.

Let’s discuss how PDR removes sharp crease dents, its benefits, and why Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the best place for PDR in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sharp Crease Dents Removed with PDR

The PDR process repairs sharp crease dents using special PDR tools and techniques. It is a three-step PDR process:

  1. Your vehicle is cleaned to remove any external elements from the body and damaged area.
  2. A PDR-certified technician uses a special PDR UV light to examine the depth and degree of the damage, to assess their dent repair approach, and which PDR tools to use.
  3. They gently repair the crease dent with their hands, using special PDR tools and heat to pull the crease out evenly.

This type of dent repair restores the body part without scraping, filling, or repainting body parts, which has many benefits.

Benefits of PDR for Crease Dents

Here are just a few key benefits of PDR for your sharp crease dents.

  • Speedy Repairs

Unlike conventional dent repair methods, PDR does not take days to repair crease dents. It only takes a few hours, and you can get your car back on the same day.

  • Easy on the Pocket

Since you don’t pay for expensive paint or fillers, PDR costs less than conventional dent repair methods from typical auto body shops.

  • Preserves Originality and Resale Value

The restorative nature of the PDR process means that your vehicle’s original factory paintwork remains intact. This way, you get to preserve its originality and resale value for longer.

Why Sioux Falls Dent Repair for Crease Dents?

Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the best place for PDR in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They only employ PDR-certified technicians with vast experience in dent repairs. You can trust them to remove the dents, dings, and sharp creases on your vehicle and deliver the best results.

They are heavily trained and experienced, allowing them to perform PDR on the toughest dents, dings, and creases. Moreover, their customer service is the best in the state, and you’ll never have a more pleasant dent repair experience.

If you want to learn more about sharp crease dents, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for the dents, dings, and creases on your vehicle, Click Here!






Fast and Affordable Hail Repair in Dell Rapids | Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Fast and Affordable Hail Repair in Dell Rapids | Sioux Falls Dent Repair

In South Dakota, hail is a seasonal threat that causes countless drivers immeasurable stress every year. Dell Rapids is no exception. With the latest tools and techniques, we have set out to minimize the effects of hail on everyone’s daily lives. Sioux Falls Dent Repair can remove dings caused by hailstorms quickly and efficiently without ruining the paint finish on your car. We’ve maintained our reputation of always providing safe and secure hail repair to Dell Rapids customers for over a decade.

Fast & Affordable Hail Repair in Dell Rapids

Body shops are known for being pricey, especially when it comes to hail repair. They use resource and labor intensive methods that often require repainting, panel removal, and filling. Not only are these materials expensive, but the steps involved are also time consuming. This is a very inefficient way to repair small dents. If your paint is chipped or cracked, then a body shop might be the only option. However, for minor body damage like simple door dings a professional PDR crew is the way to go.

State of The Art Tools and Techniques

Our experts use a variety of tools and techniques to remove dents of all shapes and sizes. Nearly any dent, as long as it hasn’t cracked the pain, can be fixed using paintless dent repair. We are only limited by a few factors such as:

  • Dent Depth – If the dent small but very deep then the risk of tearing the metal is far too high.
  • Dent Location – Repairing dents on panel/door edges is difficult because the metal is tight and not very malleable.

If your car was struck by a hail storm recently, call our PDR pros today at 605-595-4061. We’ll help you every step of the way. That includes:

  1. Assessing the damage and providing an initial quote
  2. Filling out insurance papers (if you decide to file a claim)
  3. Finding a rental car (if necessary)
  4. Returning your vehicle dent free!
Who is Your Dell Rapids Dent Repair Expert? | Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Who is Your Dell Rapids Dent Repair Expert? | Sioux Falls Dent Repair

The term ‘Multipoint dent’ is well understood by Dell Rapids dent repair professionals that deal with day to day car damage. These types of dents can affect numerous points on your car, making them very difficult to remove, especially for an untrained DIYer.

Dell Rapids Dent Repair

Sioux Falls Dent Repair provides affordable pro dent repair services to many surrounding areas such as Dell Rapids. If you have a dent now, call us at 605-595-4061 for a free damage estimate. Through this assessment we will examine various factors such as:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Depth
  • Location
  • Whether paint is required

Everyone Needs to Know a Professional Dent Tech

In South Dakota, dent repair is a way of life. Weather, road hazards, extreme winter conditions, and human error all contribute to minor body damage. Hail is among the worst catastrophes a driver could experience. At Sioux Falls Dent Repair we approach each dent from every possible angle to systematically remove unsightly dents, dings, and creases. Our experience in the industry along with our satisfaction guarantee makes us the number one PDR company in Dell Rapids.

Sioux Falls Dent Repair only uses high quality tools and equipment in order to provide optimal results. Our goal is to return your car to its pre-damaged state without a bump or dimple in sight. We can support your body repair needs with:

  • Accurate vehicle assessments and damage reports
  • Free quotes
  • Professional paintless dent repair services
  • Quick and friendly customer service
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Quality results

PDR is the most effective way to manage the value and aesthetics of your car. Depending on the dent, a professional Dell Rapids dent repair company will be able to totally remove any signs of minor body damage without leaving a trace. Call Sioux Falls Dent Repair today at 605-595-4061 for a free damage assessment!

Hartford paintless dent repair

Hartford paintless dent repair

Dents are a pain, plain and simple. They are a source of great frustration for car enthusiasts and casual drivers alike because, at some point, we are all going to upgrade our vehicle. When that time comes you want to get the greatest return possible on your current car. However, dents and dings can greatly reduce the value of your vehicle. Our Hartford paintless dent repair team specializes in quick, affordable, and reliable methods that won’t harm the surface condition of your vehicle.

So What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR for short, is a non-invasive method of removing dents and dings. What this means is that we restore the shape of body panels without using fillers, repainting, or anything that could harm the paint finish. We achieve amazing results through a fairly simple repair process. Our work mostly consists of carefully pushing or pulling the dents with specialized PDR tools until their original shape is restored. We only use the tools for the job and the skills we’ve learned through decades of experience. Since we don’t use any paints, primers, or fillers your resale potential remains unchanged!

Quick Results at Affordable Rates

Additionally, paintless dent repair is the fastest way to get quality repairs at modest rates. Our simple repair process allows us to save time and resources where it matters most. We don’t use expensive materials or time consuming processes, like the aforementioned painting and filling, so costs stay low and turnarounds quick. Our Hartford paintless dent repair methods are also environmentally friendly.

PDR is the most effective way to maintain the cosmetic value of your vehicle. If your car has been damaged by a hailstorm or any other kind of dent disaster call our Hartford paintless dent repair team today for a free quote! 605-595-4061

Classic Vehicles and Paintless Dent Repair

Classic Vehicles and Paintless Dent Repair

Can dents in Classic Vehicles be fixed using Paintless Dent Repair?

Check out this damage we repair on this 1957 Chevy Pickups hood. We not only fix new vehicles but old classic vehicles as well! This vehicle sits recently restored at a local body shop in Tea, South Dakota. This body shop took the truck to another repair shop to have some work done to it but when the vehicle came back it had a dent on the hood!

We Come To You!

The shop called us and we repaired the damage right away for them at their location. We removed this damage out without the shop having to repaint this newly painted hood. This is a huge bonus for them! This not only saves them money but time!

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