Big Dent Removal – Paintless Dent Repair

Big Dent Removal – Paintless Dent Repair

Big Dent Removal

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a 2016 Chevrolet Equinox in need of a big dent removal, this has a pretty bad door dent in it. As you can see, the damage is quite severe and starts all the way near the top of the door and goes through the body line. There is even a bit of damage towards the bottom of the door which we will have to get rid of.

Starting Off, Cold Glue

To get some of the dent out from the door, we will be using a product called Cold Glue and it is available from Glexo. The Cold Glue tab is fastened to the Slide Hammer that we use here in the Sioux Falls Dent Repair shop and the tab is then applied to the damaged area. By simply pulling the Slide Hammer back and forth a few times, we can get some of the damage out.

Next, we switch over to hot glue pull tabs – something used quite commonly in the PDR world. The tabs we’re using for this job is from Black Plague and it is from the Ice Tab series. We’ll be using the Elim A Dent glue gun with Cam Auto Glue to pull out some of the remaining damage. The glue takes a little longer to dry, but it offers a better and stronger pull. To pull on the glue tab, we’ll be using the KECO K-Bar which gives us a lot of leverage when it comes to pulling on tabs and getting out dents.

With the help of the PDR lights, you can see how all that pulling got rid of the majority of that large dent in the door. Once we finish working on the door from the front, we can then remove the door, door panel and start pushing out the damage from the back. We also have to remove the glass, the reason being is this glass is special to this type of vehicle, find out what’s different about this glass by Clicking Here. After we remove the door panel, we gain a lot more access to the back of the door panel and this lets us push out the remaining damage with our tools.

After removing the door and placing it under the PDR lights, we can see how much of the damage is still left and we can then figure out the kind of tools we would require for the job. Moving over to the lower side of the door, we have to hammer down the damage with a special tool. It takes a multiple hits and quite a bit of time to get the damage out 100%, but it is still faster than taking the car to a body shop.


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Mazda Dent Repair

Mazda Dent Repair

Mazda Dent Repair

Today, we are working on a ding on the front right hand-side door of a 2017 Mazda CX5 car. Even though there is just one visible dent in the door, under the dent repair lights, we can see that there are a couple of micro dents as well that need to be taken care of.

In a traditional PDR case, we would roll the window down and install a window guard before running a tool down the side of the car and pulling out the dent. However, this car has laminated safety glass and we don’t usually put a lot of pressure on this type of glass. Why does this glass type change our repair technique? Find out Here

In this case, there are two ways to get to the dents. Either we can find another access point to get to the dents or we remove the glass completely. Luckily for us, this Mazda comes with a factory access hole in the handle and this allows us to get a tool into the door and fix the dents.

As you can see, the door jammer we are using is from Anson PDR and keeps the door from moving while we complete the repairs. We can use a factory ratchet handle from PDR Finesse to slowly push the dents out from the inside of the door. The owner of the Mazda actually came to us for their 2017 Hyundai car and they will be bringing that in once we are done with this job.



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The Wedge Light – Inspection tool for Paintless Dent Repair

The Wedge Light – Inspection tool for Paintless Dent Repair

The Wedge Light

See one of the tools we use to help us inspect vehicles for damage. It also makes for a faster inspection. This tool is the Wedge Light from Edgy Tools. This tool allows us to wedge the door upper channel open and then turn the light on and shine it into the door cavity from the top window opening.

How Does This Help

This tool helps speed up the estimating process so we can see where the damage is located in relation to the internal bracing and sound deadener in the door assembly. Prior to this tool we would have to use a separate wedge and spread the door open then use a smaller flash light and shine it in the door opening. Doing this worked ok, but the wedge light illuminates the entire door in one shot. So now we only need one tool instead of 2. Also the wedge light has an amazing battery and is rechargeable through a USB port. We pulled this out of the box when new and used it for over 9 months without recharging! Now that is awesome!



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Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Tools

Lets show you some of the door ding dent removal tools we use. These are some of the most common tools we use everyday.

Dent Inspection

First off we need to inspect the damage. We use our paintless dent repair light system to properly see the damage and assess how bad the damage is. From there we need to inspect access to the backside for us to make the proper repairs.

Selecting A Tool

After we have assessed where the dent damage is when then roll the window down for that door. From there we install a window guard and wedge light to see into the door assembly. Doing this allows us to see the backside of the damaged are and figure out if the damage is behind a brace or not. If the damage is behind a brace we will then you certain brace style tools to remove the damage. If the area is in a wide open spot then we will use a more traditional door tool. If the area is fully enclosed with no access to the backside we will then have to use glue pulling to pull the damage out. Knowing these three things greatly changes the repair method.

From there we use the appropriate tool to remove the damage to the door.




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Hail Damage Repair Access

Hail Damage Repair Access

Hail Damage Repair Access


Hail Damage Repair Access: How do we access the back side of hail damage dents to push them out with our tools?

Jack Bucknell with Sioux Falls Dent Repair shows you how we access areas on this 2010 Subaru for us to make hail damage repairs.We already took the door panels off, as well as the glass assemblies and all the necessary trim has been removed in order to gain access to this area of the tops of the door assemblies on the left passenger side.

This vehicle had hail damage and we had to access the damage from the backside in order to push this damage out. Even though access on this damage is not terrible we still do have to use the glue pull method in order to remove all of these dents. We use an Elmident Glue Gun fitted with a Dewalt battery for our glue supply. We use Hawg Glue  from Anson PDR to glue our tabs to the vehicle to remove dents. We then use a combination of glue tabs from Black Plague PDR  and Keco to do the pulling. To pull the tabs once they are glued on we use a slide hammer or a mini lifter available from multiple PDR suppliers, the ones we use are available from A-1 PDR Tools.

We then talk about access to other areas of the vehicle. Subaru’s are well known for having a high safety crash test ratings. How they go about doing this especially in the doors and side impact areas is those areas are heavily braced with internal bracing that you won’t see until you take the vehicle apart and inspect the structure. We show you a good example of how this bracing looks and how it can effect the dent repair process.

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