Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Subaru Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Today, we take on a dented Subaru bumper that seemed to have backed into something. This was a typical PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) job for us, however, when the owner took the car to a body shop to get a quote, they were given an $800-$900 estimate.

The Damage

A closer look at the damaged area, we found that there was a little bit of paint damage and scuffing around the dent. Nothing about the repair was too extreme, which was a blessing for both us, and the customer. In fact, the customer brought along some Subaru touch-up paint for their car so that we didn’t have to look for the perfect matching shade.

Perfect Situation

When it comes to PDR, bumpers are not really the ideal part to repair because they normally have broken plastic or severe spider paint cracks. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, this repair was exactly what PDR is about with regards to very few touch-up spots. And a bonus for us was that the car was a black one so the touch-up paint that we used wouldn’t really stand out, unless you go looking for it.

Paint Touch Up

The customer wasn’t too concerned about the touch-up paint job as we were able to quote the repair at just a fraction of what was being asked for by the body shop they visited. Now, the difference here is that a body shop will actually disassemble, repair, and repaint the entire bumper and what we do is pull the dent out and touch-up the area without covering the original paint job. The vehicle is a 2012 Subaru Legacy with a good amount of wear and tear across the body but the owner is satisfied with its performance and doesn’t really want to spend a lot on repairs.


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Detailers Approve of PDR

Detailers Approve of PDR

Detailer Approved

Even Detailers approve of PDR for their repair methods of repairs of dents.

Check out the 2016 WRX that we will be doing some repairs on soon. This vehicle was brought to us by the owner of Superior Detail in Tea, SD. The owner, Ryan, bought the vehicle with this damage in it and was wanting us to go over the entire vehicle and fix all of the damage we could find. He is very particular on his vehicles as we are and we were happy to work with him on his vehicle!



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Hail Damage Repair Access

Hail Damage Repair Access

Hail Damage Repair Access


Hail Damage Repair Access: How do we access the back side of hail damage dents to push them out with our tools?

Jack Bucknell with Sioux Falls Dent Repair shows you how we access areas on this 2010 Subaru for us to make hail damage repairs.We already took the door panels off, as well as the glass assemblies and all the necessary trim has been removed in order to gain access to this area of the tops of the door assemblies on the left passenger side.

This vehicle had hail damage and we had to access the damage from the backside in order to push this damage out. Even though access on this damage is not terrible we still do have to use the glue pull method in order to remove all of these dents. We use an Elmident Glue Gun fitted with a Dewalt battery for our glue supply. We use Hawg Glue  from Anson PDR to glue our tabs to the vehicle to remove dents. We then use a combination of glue tabs from Black Plague PDR  and Keco to do the pulling. To pull the tabs once they are glued on we use a slide hammer or a mini lifter available from multiple PDR suppliers, the ones we use are available from A-1 PDR Tools.

We then talk about access to other areas of the vehicle. Subaru’s are well known for having a high safety crash test ratings. How they go about doing this especially in the doors and side impact areas is those areas are heavily braced with internal bracing that you won’t see until you take the vehicle apart and inspect the structure. We show you a good example of how this bracing looks and how it can effect the dent repair process.

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Crease Dent Removal

Crease Dent Removal

Crease Dent Removal

These repairs were done quite a while back on a Subaru WRX STI. Both repairs featured here are crease dent removal video clips. We show a mix of techniques including glue pulling, using tools to push the damage out then “blending” the damage out with a specialized dent removal hammer. This customer recently purchased this car. It had multiple dents in it all over the place. He choose us to perform paintless dent repair to remove his damage because the rest of the vehicle and paint was in really great shape. We believe this was a 2004-2005 WRX STI. The car had low mileage and had been cared for very well but it had some minor dents and dings in it all over from normal driving.

Fender Crease Removal

The first dent removal is a crease located in the left side fender. This damage was towards the back of the fender near the door. In order to gain access to the backside of this damage we had to remove part of the plastic fender liner. Once apart of this is removed we are able to get a tool on the backside of this damage. From there we push it out using a soft style tipped tool. Once the damage is mostly out we switch over to a sharper tipped tool. This allows us to pinpoint spots to push up and finish the damage out smooth.


Door Crease Removal

This damage was located in the front section of the right rear door. It being in this location creates one obstacle. This area is heavily braced for strength and rigidity. We start this repair with the glue pull method. Once we pull the damage out with glue we then use a brace style tool to push the damage out. This brace tool is extra thin allowing us to fit it between the bracing structure and exterior door skin. From there we do some minor blending with our blending hammer to smooth it out. Then follow this up with some minor buffing with some rubbing compound  to get rid of some minor scuffs from the damage. The damage is then finished and ready to return this now dent free car to a happy customer.


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Dents in your New Vehicle

Dents in your New Vehicle

Door Ding Repair – Sioux Falls Dent Repair

Today we are going to repair a door ding in this 2018 Subaru Outback.  As you can imagine if you had a new car, and it had a ding, you would not feel so good about it and would want a repair done.

How did this happen?

This damage was caused when the owners bicycle tipped over and bumped into her car door. The customer was scheduling to have her vehicle detailed and ceramic coated with our friends at Superior Detail and they discussed the damage. They then referred their customer to us for their door dent removal needs. We scheduled her in right away and made this repair in a short afternoon!



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