Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Dent Removal Tools

Door Ding Tools

Lets show you some of the door ding dent removal tools we use. These are some of the most common tools we use everyday.

Dent Inspection

First off we need to inspect the damage. We use our paintless dent repair light system to properly see the damage and assess how bad the damage is. From there we need to inspect access to the backside for us to make the proper repairs.

Selecting A Tool

After we have assessed where the dent damage is when then roll the window down for that door. From there we install a window guard and wedge light to see into the door assembly. Doing this allows us to see the backside of the damaged are and figure out if the damage is behind a brace or not. If the damage is behind a brace we will then you certain brace style tools to remove the damage. If the area is in a wide open spot then we will use a more traditional door tool. If the area is fully enclosed with no access to the backside we will then have to use glue pulling to pull the damage out. Knowing these three things greatly changes the repair method.

From there we use the appropriate tool to remove the damage to the door.




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Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Paintless Dent Repair Tools We Use

Our Cart Setup

The back side of our TDN Tool cart is filled with more paintless dent repair tools. These are tools we might use slightly less but are still needed very often. Starting from the left hand side we have an entire tool tray full of Dent Craft whale tails. These tools work specifically between bracing. This tray features multiple different lengths and widths of whale tail style tools.




On To More Tools


Moving to the next tray this one has our go to door tools on it. These are made up of PDR Finesse tools with their ratchet style handles. Featuring a shorter door tool, a longer version (not shown) and a flag style tool seen with tessa tape on the tip. We also have a PDR Finesse double bend tool with an interchangeable tip. The tip on this tool is available from Dead on Dent Tools and it features a red cherry cap available from Dent Craft.


But Wait There Is More

Finishing up on this tray is the Ultra Dent Tools and their Pick tools. These are sharper tools that have and work especially great on Aluminum panels.


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This video was originally shot LIVE on our Instagram page on 10-13-2020, be sure to follow us there to see more content:


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How Do Electronic Heat Induction Tools Help Remove Hail Dents?

How Do Electronic Heat Induction Tools Help Remove Hail Dents?

How Do Electronic Heat Induction Tools Help Remove Hail Dents?

Hail dents can cause a real amount of damage to a vehicle, and be very annoying to look at, and can even drive the price of your car down by hundreds of dollars, for a good reason: they can be hard to get out. Many times the process of getting dents out can even make the spot look worse, as it leads to mismatched paint jobs and a more noticeable amount of damage. Luckily, Sioux Falls Dent Repair uses a number of methods in order to save your car’s value and its appearance. Sioux Falls Dent repair can repair your dents in a couple of manners, some of which include:


  • Electronic Heat Induction Tools

  • Push and Pull Methods



Sioux Falls Dent Repair is the premier paintless dent repair specialist in the Sioux Falls region and the entire surrounding area. We can remove dents of all sizes, including hail damage dents in your vehicle, all without resorting to using any painting or bondo, as more traditional body shops are keen on doing. We utilize special tools in order to push and pull damaged metal out. This includes metals such as steel, high strength steel, and aluminum. 


By using our paintless dent repair services, you are enabling your vehicle to retain the superior paint job it received in the factory, and as a result, there will be no color mismatch or peeling paint. Additionally, you won’t have any negative CarFax history report, and there will be no way of detecting that there was ever any damage to your vehicle. Most amazingly, however, is that it only takes a few hours, and you won’t have to leave your car at a body shop for a couple of days.

Electronic Heat Induction Tools

Electronic heat induction tools are typically handheld units that are aimed at making the removal of hail dents and small door dings easier and safer for the vehicle. The tools are designed to be very quick and easy to use, making them highly efficient for body shops, dent repair shops, and even laymen. The appliance generally comes with a number of settings that can be appropriately adjusted depending on the application of it. 


It is specifically designed for paintless dent repairs, and it allows paintless dent repair technicians to remove small soft dents by lifting the small soft dent through the magnetic heat induction. “Small soft dents” are dents that don’t leave sharp impressions and don’t have creases. Ideally, these dents come out perfectly within one minute, while others may take a couple of minutes when used in tandem with other paintless dent removal techniques. 


Some of these other techniques include glue pulling techniques and the use of traditional paintless dent repair tools. Electronic heat induction tools save time and money for both the technician and the vehicle’s owner, and it always creates a large return on the investment into paintless dent repair, for the owner and technician alike. 


You can call or text Sioux Fall Dent Repair today if you have hail damage, dings or dents on your vehicle for a free damage assessment. Call or text 605-250-1023. Let us bring your vehicle back to its original condition.


NEW Paintless Dent Repair Tools!

NEW Paintless Dent Repair Tools!

NEW Paintless Dent Repair TOOLS!

Check out what we bought at the 2020 Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida!

First we purchased a new Glue gun from Anson PDR, the new Trifecta Glue gun. This gun is a collaboration between Anson, TDN Group and Elimadent. These three took the popular Tec glue gun and made it even better. The first being it now runs off of a battery, but not just 1 battery, multiple batteries. The standard setup, the glue gun as is can be used with a Ryobi. From there you can purchase an adapter to fit all of your favorite brands, from Dewalt, which is what we use, to Makita, Milwaukee and even Bosch! This glue gun contains 2 different heat settings and heats up in a very quick amount of time compared to other glue guns on the market.

The Wedge Light from Edgy Tools.

This is a revolutionary new wedge that has a built in light but the end of the Wedge Light actually disperses the light all throughout the panel, unlike other wedge style lights on the market. This has a built in battery and is rechargeable through a standard Micro USB port. (cable provided)


Carbon Tech Hustle Stick Attachments.

We were really excited to finally get our hands on the new Hustle stick, or pogo stick attachments from Carbon Tech PDR tools. This new setup allows us to use are carbon tech hail rod as a leverage devise not only for glue pulling but also for using other items like the Edgy Hookers, which we had to use today on this Ford Pickup Bedside.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

At the event we signed up at the PDR Tool Time booth to be apart of the tool giveaway. We ended up winning a care package from VIP Tools, this had the 3.0 VIP knockdown, as well as the 1.5 VIP Knockdown and their BRAND new Hedgehog shrinking tip. We are excited to try out this new shrinking tip.

We also won a 4 foot carbon fiber smaller hail rod from Ultra Dent Tools, We have not received that in the mail yet but we will show that when it shows up.


But Wait, there is more!

Edgy tools was no disappointment this year, their revolutionary Wedge Light was a must by but they also have some new caps or “Pasties” for their the Knockers tips. This changes their superior Knockers tip to now have 3 caps to install on it, Green, Orange and Black. They are made up of different hardness and allow for more customization for your repairs!

We also picked up a Magnum XL Hanger from Edgy Tools to use with our Carbon Tech Hail rod, to create leverage with. Dead On Dent Tools had some new to us tips available and We picked up 3 different tips of theirs.

Keco Tabs was no disappointment this year around, we stocked up on some of their 9mm and 7mm glue tabs just to make sure we do not run out, they are a must have glue tab!

Anson PDR hooked us up with a glue pulling kit. They donated to us attending the Make it Rain Seminar, a seminar specifically for shop owners that want to level up their business. This kit was full of glue tabs, glues and a new knockdown. From Carbon tech we also picked up Daniel Gromm’s 144 signature hammer. This is probably one of the more heavier hammers on the market and with its nice bigger head it will work fantastic for big crowns on big damage. We also talked with Daniel himself about his hammer and we even hooked us up with some sticks of his Signature Hawg Glue!


These gloves were shown originally but we forgot to talk about them in the video, these are from GuardTech. We are not ones to wear gloves often, but these gloves have great padding on all of the right areas for our needs. Protect your hands for the long haul, be sure to pick a set of these up!


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Edgy Tools Demonstration by Dave Streen

Edgy Tools Demonstration by Dave Streen

Edgy Tools

We had a chance to talk with Dave Streen with Edgy Tools at the Mobile Tech Expo. We talk about some of his latest tools and how to go about using them.

If you have not seen or used these before they are all must haves for any professional dent repair technician.

First off he highlights his revolutionary No Roll Knockdown. Like the name suggests, it won’t roll. You can simply lay it on any surface and unlike other traditional knockdowns it will not roll away. Lay it on a hood, roof, any top panel, even on glass and it will not roll away. Combine that with essentially 4 KNOCKDOWNS IN ONE! Each tip starts off as a polished metal tip on each end. Follow this up by installing his caps on them and you can customize your tips to your liking. Do you want to switch your style of knockdown? Simply remove the cap and install another style cap or leave the mirror polished tip. Simple, fast and effective.

For Knockdown tips his most popular is the Pirate Peg Leg. This is one of our personal favorites we even picked up an extra tip to have around the shop just in case. This tip has been featured in multiple dent competitions and even resulting with this tool helping techs WIN these world recognized competitions. Shortly after this interview the technician who was mentioned took home the 2nd place trophy for the first ever PDR Dent Trials.

Next Dave discuses with us his blending hammer head style tips. The Polished Knob and The Knockers blending hammer tips. I have no idea the kind of witch craft that went specifically into The Knockers tip but it is revolutionary and was heavily talked about by all of the top guys at the 2019 PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar. Not only does Dave love this tips but so do his techs!

The newest thing to be highlighted by Edgy Tools was the release of their very own glue tabs. These glue tabs may look like many others but just like golf balls, they all look the same but all perform different. Be sure to try these new tabs out!

The finger ding ring was the next to be talked about. No longer are you chasing around your knockdown because its always on your finger. This is specifically highlighted as being great when working on box sides of trucks. You’re laying on the ground working away and no longer are you having to shift and get out of your position to find your knockdown on the ground, its simply on your finger ready to go.

Next he highlights his tire tower. This is the Tool you didn’t know you needed! If you have been doing dent repair for any amount of time there always comes a point in time where you decide to use your hand as a leverage point and not only that but you specifically pry off of your hand with it resting between your tool and a tire. This is quick to get you a very mediocre push and put extreme stress on not only your hand but also create issues with your tool not having a solid point to leverage off of.

You no longer need to do this, with the invention of the revolutionary tire tower and its newly released handle created by Danial Gromm (The motorcycle PDR King) your hand and body will rest easy knowing you are getting a better push on dents without any stress on your body, after all your hands are your key to doing paintless dent repair, why would you jeopardize their health with poor pushing also resulting in a poor repair.

For more information on any of these tools and many more tools sold by Edgy Tools visit their website:

Edgy Tools Gator

Edgy Tools Gator